Tea's Chirren©:
My name is Theresa. I go by just "Tea".
I have been ‘round a little bit and I have been enjoying creating cool things when sewing since I was knee high to a stalk of corn!
I love to sew! It relaxes me and when creating my Chirren©", I feel as though I am birthing a new personality. - Each doll has its specific challenges and I create each outfit for them individually to coincide with each personality I "feel" inside of each doll.
I grew up mostly as an "Army Brat" until my father retired and we settled in Cocoa, Florida. There, I finished high school and also where I met my husband, Randy; The Wayward Potter. We met when I was fifteen and he was sixteen and as we said back in the late sixties and early seventies, "Solid, man"!
Email:    waywardhand@windstream.net
Website:     http://www.waywardproductions.vpweb.com
Face Book:   http://www.facebook.com/Randy.Adams.5621149
Address:  P. O. Box 839, Waldo, FL 32694
Phone:  352-468-3957
Planet:  Zenon - Home of Wayward Potters, 12th Stone from the Sun